About Ångström-dimer

Ångström-dimer is a molecular modelling software to study the dynamics of Ångström-scale chemically powered self-propelled motors (Colberg and Kapral 2014, Colberg and Kapral (2015)). The software uses molecular dynamics to simulate the molecular motion of a single to tens of sphere-dimer motors in an explicit Lennard-Jones solvent comprising on the order of 100,000 particles.

Ångström-dimer relies on novel computational techniques to scale from a multi-core processor to a parallel accelerator with thousands of scalar cores. The simulation algorithms are composed in the OpenCL C language using run-time code generation, which allows running simulations with optimal efficiency across a variety of devices, such as AMD GPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, and Intel CPUs.

A simulation is orchestrated using Lua scripts run with LuaJIT, an interpreter and tracing just-in-time compiler for the Lua language that provides native C data structures through its foreign function interface (FFI). Particle trajectories of nanomotors and solvent, and a versatile set of structural and dynamical observables are stored in an H5MD file, a file format for molecular data (Buyl, Colberg, and Höfling 2014) based on the hierarchical data format (HDF5).


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